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Who We Are

The Tiny Miracles Foundation is made up of parents of preemies from Fairfield County, Connecticut. We came together because we all knew what it was like to fall through the looking-glass and land in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. We became accustomed to the steady, shrill drumbeat of beeps, bells and alarms. We learned that 30 CCs is roughly equal to a fluid ounce, that 28 grams is roughly equal to an ounce, and we measured our babies' progress in those tiny increments. We struggled with feelings of guilt, and anger, and jealousy. We washed our hands until they chapped. When we were finally able to take our babies home, we felt joy and terror. We celebrated every milestone, no matter how minor, and we learned to not compare their progress to full-term babies.

But most of all, we never stopped being thankful for our tiny miracles, and for the doctors and nurses who make miracles possible. We've been there. And now we want to be there for you.

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